Databank for Spain and Catalonia


Historical data for the domain of Catalonia, on all territorial scales and for all available sources, since 1497: Population series and flows: births, deaths, marriages and migration. Socio-demographic characteristics of census data and electoral rolls. Nomenclatures. Feudal rights. Inventory of parochial archives. Municipal changes.

The data have been recorded from parish record books, micro-formats and publications by different authors. Once the basic information has been obtained it is then homogenised and set out in the form of temporal series.


This database on demographic evolution of the Spanish population has been obtained by means of working with the main available sources of information. The demographic series have been set out in accordance with two aims: obtaining an overview of changes observed in the Spanish population over the twentieth century, and a more specific perspective on changes observed in recent decades, to which the results of official forecasts are added.

In keeping with the variables and period of time under consideration, data from all over Spain have been used, embracing the 17 autonomous communities and 52 provinces. In the series for Catalonia, the regional and municipal spheres have also been taken into account.