Núria Calduch Verdiell


Educational qualifications: Ph.D in Life Science (Technical University of Denmark)
Research Theme/s: Fertility

Her academic background is in actuarial mathematics, that includes a Bachelor Degree in Actuarial Science at the University of Barcelona (2000) and a MSc in Actuarial Management at Cass Business School (London, 2003). She completed  the European Doctoral School of Demography program at the Institut National d’Etudes Démographiques (Paris, 2007-2008) and she holds a PhD in Life Science from Technical University of Denmark (Copenhaguen) and Max Planck Institute for Demographic Research (Rostock, 2012).

She has returned to her original scientific research interests in human demography and her research interest focus on the end of life, economic costs at the end of life, trends in the use of social services versus family for support at very old ages, place of death and its determinants. She contributes to further  this research area with the development of mathematical models of care for old-age population.