Demographic Perspectives

‘Demographic Perspectives’ is a quarterly scientific publication which aims to educate the public and make accessible the most relevant aspects of demography. We recommend that you take out a subscription.



  • Perspectives Demogràfiques / January 2016
    Num 1. Childlessness in Spain: Tick Tock, Tick Tock, Tick Tock!!!
    Download: english / catalanspanish
  • Perspectives Demogràfiques / April 2016
    Num 2. Resilience and demographic stress in twenty-first century Catalonia
    Download: english / catalanspanish
  • Perspectives Demogràfiques / July 2016
    Num 3. Barcelona’s got talent: migration, residential change and socioeconomic polarisation
    Download: english / catalanspanish
  • Perspectives Demogràfiques / October 2016
    Num 4. Breakdown in the Public Pension System: Not in the Name of Demography!
    Download: english / catalanspanish
  • Perspectives Demogràfiques / January 2017
    Num 5. Alternative Standpoints on Poverty in Spain: A Question of Definition and Measure
    Download: english / catalanspanish
  • Perspectives Demogràfiques-Guest Edition / April 2017
    Num 6. La desigualdad ante la muerte: educación y esperanza de vida en España
    Download: spanish
  • Perspectives Demogràfiques / July 2017
    Num 7. The Demographic Sustainability of Empty Spain
    Download: english / catalan / spanish
  • Perspectives Demogràfiques / October 2017
    Num 8. Joint Custody: One More Step towards Gender Equality?
    Download: english / catalan / spanish