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    • Profile of contracting party:The aim of this space is to guarantee transparency and public access to information pertaining to the contractual activity of the Centre for Demographic Studies consortium, in accordance with the stipulations in Article 42 of Law 30/2007 on Public Sector Contracts and dated 30 October 2007 (see BOE Nº. 261, of 31 October 2007).Here you will find information concerning: instructions regulating procedures for contracting which are not subject to harmonised regulation in accordance with Article 175 of the Law on Public Sector Contracts; calls for tender and, where appropriate, awards; and technical specifications. Moreover, where applicable, information is provided about provisional and definitive tender awards for the Centre for Demographic Studies consortium. Here, we shall also publish any other documentation or announcement deemed fitting in the phases of preparation and presentation of tenders, tender awards and observance of contracts.

For internal instructions of contracts regulating the contractual procedures which are not subject to harmonised regulation, please click here